Wednesday’s Words

Black Beak - Gull with Gall

The Thief

Blackbeak the Gull had the gall
To claim the entire meal that day.
The compromise – or the price –
Was a piece of fish each, oy vey.

Blackbeak the Gull enjoyed his haul
Of two fish and half of the fries
And chased off any other bird
That tried to land from the skies.

Blackbeak the Gull made us recall
Hitchcock’s infamous Birds
While he paced about expecting more food
The proffered stolen toll absurd.

Who knew that the cost of lunch on the pier
Would be more than the money given to the clerk sincere?
A table for two, a lunch cut in two
Changed our watery view.

What amused us both,
(Not that we fully loathed)
Was the one-of-a-kind experience that day.
Who is Blackbeak, you ask?
Why, he is the gull who will extort a hefty pay!

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10 Responses to Wednesday’s Words

  1. 1WriteWay says:

    What an entertaining poem! Blackbeak is perhaps your muse 🙂

  2. Mari Collier says:

    Ah, yes, the bane of the piers. It sounds like you had a personal encounter. Tweeted.

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