Thursday Thought

From the Fifth - Morning Fog in Fall

I’ve been in a fog of sorts – thankful things are settling into a cooler season, mind spinning on too many projects (as usual).

NaNoWriMo starts in less than a month, the anthology deadline is closer than I realized, and there are a few contests (Writers Digest, a few others) I’ll probably talk myself out of. Otherwise, committed myself to enjoy two art classes -one painting, one photography this weekend. That’s the start of the ‘playful’ front.

In the world of practicality, there was a useful article I finally read, and a mindful one that has me pondering some habits. Joyful splurging includes a new recording by The Piano Guys and a wonderful collection of authors’ books (Mari Collier, Stephen Matlock, Victoria Bastedo to name a few) to continue binge-reading sessions when sleep would be more logical.

What have you discovered when you fall out of habit/routine? Does it take a while to get back on track or is it quick , say after a good long nap? What do you do to get balance back? Are you all work and no play, or is your life the other way?

What is missing that can be found? What discoveries have you made?

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3 Responses to Thursday Thought

  1. Mari Collier says:

    Anymore it is difficult to keep up with my routine, let alone something that disturbs it too much. Yes, sleep was once the way I could get back on track after running like a maniac for three or four days. It used to be, though, just some quiet reading time could put me back on track. Tweeted.

  2. Yes, it’s always a balancing act. I schedule free time into my crazy list of volunteer projects, work and home life. I don’t have to take specific time off if I feel like working at that moment, but I purposely leave enough empty space in my obligations to catch up on sleep, take pleasure walks or just veg for a little while here and there. Having obligations every moment exhausts my nerves and makes my other efforts fruitless. Down time is a crucial part of high productivity for me. What works for you?

  3. Gorgeous photo, by the way! Oh, and even a two minute photo-taking break does wonders to clear my mind and refresh my spirit. The pleasure of sharing them, whether I’m posting mine or enjoying yours, is rejuvenating too.

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