Friday Fast One

Stormy Mountain

Storm’s a brewing
Or something’s stewing.
Maybe it’s just a stall
Even if there’s no trouble at all
With the twists, the turns
Having to accept being unsure
Even if there was once a plan
Realizing, theorizing; definitely no revising for
Editing is not allowed; the Inner Critic the weight of a cloud.

Onward, forward
Visualizing each word
Etching the scene
Revealing a theme

Then again, could be wrong
Happenstance, detours be short, be long
Even in the best laid plot.

Rereading, rewriting
Although, no deleting, revising
Inner Critic, go away
Never darken this November a single day
Because NaNoWriMo charges on
Optimistic against the Pessimistic
Words, words, words – a story grows strong.

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2 Responses to Friday Fast One

  1. Mari Collier says:

    Love the way you compare writing to a winter storm. Yes, the writing challenge is a storm, but there seems to be a real one headed your way. Stay safe.

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