Wednesday’s Words

orange flower 2 companions

Sometimes the words are plentiful,
The scenes wide and easy to spot.
Sometimes the words are trapped,
Prying them open a challenge to continue a plot.
With the word count so low
Do I just let the goal go?
With almost half a month done
Do I just say the Inner Editor won?
Or maybe I just shake it off
And try again later.
The right words, tone, scene
Waiting to emerge even greater.


Like another authoress, I wonder where the words went. Granted, the energy’s spent, but at least there was a spark for a drabble or two. Well, there’s always tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Wednesday’s Words

  1. Mari Collier says:

    A lovely lament for a lovely picture. I don’t know whether to say sit down and write or better luck next time. I did Tweet.

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