Wednesday Words

caution park

Careful! There’s that
Awful four-letter word
No self-respecting adult says.

You know, the one thing so absurd.
Outlawed in the grown-up world.
Unnecessary, undoable, utterly useless these days.

Caution the off-taskers who
Often lose time
Meandering with games, deadlines belated
Everything, anything no longer obeyed.

Oh, the app-crazed world, board games galore
Unbelievable words, points, strategies – one could grow bored.
Taking over the basics – the focus must stay!

At least until the work is done
None of this nonsense of that f-word: fun
Dawdlers, stop distracting me in pursuit of my-. Hey,

Pass me the cards, roll the dice, go this way
Laugh at some jokes, tell some riddles, okay?
And remember, no age limit to join the fun today
Y’all can toss off the paperwork yoke; it’s time to play!

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2 Responses to Wednesday Words

  1. Mari Collier says:

    I was too tired to read this last night. A fun poem. There is nothing wrong with play. It sometimes lets the mind wander into the solution that isn’t there when looking at the problem. Tweeted.

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