Thursday Theme

Make Mine Music by Tommia Wright

Make Mine Music by Tommia Wright

So, minor detour from the Doctor Who marathons (just now met the 11th Doctor) to other doctors.

What happened to the simplicity of some shows’ songs? “Quincy M.E.” “Diagnosis Murder,”and “Marcus Welby M.D.” were nice introductions without jarring notes or jumpy scenes.

Compare that to “E.R.” or “Chicago Hope,” each running for half the time above and showing so many snapshots, good luck keeping up with who is who. (Granted, it might help if I ever watched an ep of either show.)

Have you noticed any changes in the style of themes of shows you enjoy?

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3 Responses to Thursday Theme

  1. Everything changes. the shows are different. The plots are different. People watching expect different things. But I liked Quincy and Diagnosis Murder as well as ER. shrug. I have a broad pallet.

  2. Mari Collier says:

    No comment since I don’t watch those shows. It was Tweeted though.

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