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Music-go-round by Tommia Wright

I received my reminder of free downloads from – courtesy of my public library. Yes, it’s nice to have access to a large portion of the Sony Music Library, but an interesting question arose: are the artists receiving their fair share?

Mind you, I like Freegal because it is a free legal music service that lets me sample new things at no costs and most of the music I will buy will be still be on CDs. I do have an iTunes account, but make my purchases there sparingly. Yet, my brother’s introduced me to Pandora, a friend’s introduced me to Google Play – and I foolishly subscribe to the latter.

Read this on the Forbes website this past weekend: “Is $10 a month too much…” It’s a good question to consider, since public radio still exists (unless you like to subscribe to XM Sirius or something like that. I like to support my local classical music station and gladly send the monthly donation for that).

At what point is the price of music too high?

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5 Responses to Monday Media

  1. Mari Collier says:

    For me, any price. In theory, the artist gets paid a stipend. Just like you can read my eBook for free if you have Amazon Prime. I do get a small fee. Tweeted.

  2. Sadly, when consumers decide that any price is too high, the artist is reduced to “labor of love” status and can’t possibly earn a living practicing her art. Read David Byrne’s “How Music Works” to understand that everyone makes money in the music business except the musicians. The “stipend” Mari speaks of, at least in terms of streaming music, is a pathetic micropayment that only highlights the irony of it all.

    If you love music, spend a few bucks now and then on the people who actually make it.

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