Words on Trial

Trail Travel by Tommia Wright

Trail Travel by Tommia Wright

I’ve always enjoyed Robert Frost’s Poem, “The Road Not Taken.” Hard to believe it’s been 100 years since its first publication.

And now David Orr says I (and many readers) have gotten it wrong all this time. While the essay is interesting, and the letter exchange between Frost and the original recipient enlightening, I don’t think I want to give up my initial interpretation.

Have you ever come across an essay/story that challenged you to change your mind about a favorite piece?

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3 Responses to Words on Trial

  1. Mari Collier says:

    Not that I recall. Tweeted.

  2. wrong? I find that….confusing because the poem is written in such a way as to leave each of us the space to apply it to our own reality. After all that is the mark of art, it is created and then sent out into the world where everyone views it through their own eyes. The fact that Frost meant it to be a joke is lost even on the man he is teasing with the poem which shows Frost did his work too well. The poem speaks to so much in people that it cannot be a mere “meme.”

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