Words on Trial

Ducky Devilish Sticky/Logic by Tommia Wright

Ducky Devilish Sticky/Logic by Tommia Wright

I now remember why I keep the television news off after work – the ‘war of words’ between politicians, pollsters, producers, etc.

Words that once had a benign meaning have been turned to be malevolent. Words that were once banned from television flow as freely as… (I’m at a loss for words on this one).

What some people find funny, others find demeaning/confusing/pointless. What some people find poignant, others challenge. Find a YouTube clip or a good news story on a local channel or newspaper and you have the ‘trolls’ who try to trash it.

Commonsense certainly isn’t so common anymore; not when you hear of college dorms who hang up questionable banners during move-in day; not when one person of power believes its fine to belittle anyone who does not agree with them; not when there are groups who thrive on hate and are determined to make as many people around them as angry as they feel. If it’s towards the whole world, then somehow, searching for beauty and kindness was lost along the way.

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2 Responses to Words on Trial

  1. Mari Collier says:

    A good one. Of course, now they will accuse you of being old. Don’t believe them. Tweeted.

  2. Shards Of DuBois says:

    nice one T… words have power, no matter who says them or writes them… power most people don’t think twice about wielding. they would destroy their enemy rather than rise in their own character… which tells you a lot about real politicians. they have little character, or real strength, which is why I liked Obama. He rarely said bad things about others, even when they were slamming him daily. the ones like Trump, who are glad to be racist, and bigots, openly putting others down to make themselves look good, just don’t realize we see right through them, they are so clearly characterless it scares me that people actually listen to them. really scares me!! 🙂

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