Wednesday Words


Fuzzy Reversal

A continuation of the snippet started last week and again, inspired by the “Moment of Writing Zen” provided by Casz.

“Tiny Mop Decals” he cursed as he stood in the rain. Exposure to the elements kept him from lighting up a cigarette, which kept him from earning a citation for breaking the NHO-laws, which allowed him to plot which laws to break tonight.

“Be strong, be fearless, be,” he said, starting to recite the assigned verse aloud. He didn’t care for the tone or cadence, so he began again. “Be strong, be fearless, be beautiful-.”

And then he saw her. He didn’t dare sit by her during first study, and was surprised to belatedly learn they had three other studies in common. Maybe it was meant to be that they collided at the platform. “Right people there to support…”

He took eight strides in her direction as she approached the Number 87 transit stop.

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7 Responses to Wednesday Words

  1. Mari Collier says:

    See you can write. Finish the story. Tweeted.

  2. winneyb says:

    I believe I’ve heard or read this one before, and I remember now how great it was!

  3. I really like this…I was pulled right in and will look forward to more. Even such a small snippet was immediately atmospheric.

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