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Monday Moment

Sitting In silence, time Marches on while Peace waits for someone to Listen to its Intimate message Calling for the Insanity of busyness To stop so Yesterday may rest

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Thursday Thankfulness

Familiarity in an Unfamiliar day Lit by a distant orb Lulling the day’s cares away Many a marker goes Over and over as the Orbiting sun gives reign to Night’s order

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Wednesday Water

Old photo, new word of the day equals… Lazily look About you during times of Chaos, confusion, despair… Happier moments Resonate all around – You just have to look where Most people ignore the Obvious signs of beauty and Splendor … Continue reading

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Tuesday Tangle

Jesters’ Imagination, Travelers’ Notes, Ever Yonder

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Monday Meaning

Continuing the “Word of the Day” inspired poems for Mondays… Impossible Meaningless Marginal Unrealistic Turning perspectives Actual Believable Limitless Executable

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Friday Fast One

  “Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him.” ~Maya Angelou

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Thursday Thankfulness

Burdens are many, sometimes unending Learn to lean on those around you Every person in your life is an angel, ally, Saint, sent to help, to guide to Set straight – with laughter, tears Inspiration, support. Nurture these relationships, for … Continue reading

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Wednesday Words

  * A cautionary poem about the hazards of finding too many word games that eat away the time, never mind exercising the mind. Dear, oh dear Evening time is near and Every game I play Means ‘Remember, there’s another … Continue reading

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Any other time, it would go un- Noticed since it’s been there for all of time. Dominating the valley with its majestic height. However, this season, it’s Outstanding, dressed in white, against a sharp blue Waiting for its silhouette to … Continue reading

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Monday Meaning

This month’s entries will be based on Merriam Webster’s Word of the Day. Today’s is the antonym. Picturesque view with Radiant beams and Outstanding clarity while Mesmerizing and sane. Impressive, invincible Spectacular shadows Inviting adventure Natural escapes Grand all around

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