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Kit/Kat Owner's Corner (part-time) by Tommia Wright

Kit/Kat Owner’s Corner (part-time) by Tommia Wright

*From the archives or ‘how to try and repeat a post when your feline editors demand attention!’

This is Banned Books Week.
Everyone should treat themselves to the following from Random House Publishing: “Censorship causes Blindness. Read!

There was only one time I was told ‘no’ about a book. After parental review, I read the book I wanted. It baffles me how there are some who still believe they have the right to restrict access to certain materials because they don’t care for them.

In one of the few newsstand stores in Denver, there was a splendid poster behind the register: If everyone had banned what they didn’t like to read, here is what is left. (The space above was blank.)

Today, I challenge you to find a book from any of the lists and read it. Or better yet, I would wager that you have a title or two (or few) already on your shelf.

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