Too Much…


Macmillan Publishing’s asking for too much!

I’m a full supporter of giving authors the proper support and due they’ve worked hard for. I’m also a firm believer that readers should be able to access what they can from their public library. So, why is Macmillan putting an embargo on how many ebook copies of a title they are allowed to have for their entire system?!

There are some folks who rely on their local libraries because that is the closest resource they have! Others depend on the library because it is what they can afford. And then there are those who like to borrow an ebook version before they a) buy their own digital copy and/or b) buy a physical copy of the book. Heaven’s to Betsy, a reader discovers a new author to support that they might not have otherwise found on their own!

I’ll let you read the  American Library Association’s perspective on this. I’m thankful for strong leadership in the library systems I do get to use. Here’s Seattle Public Library’s response.

What are your thoughts, dear reader?

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2 Responses to Too Much…

  1. Mari Collier says:

    The publishing company wants the libraries to buy physical books. They make more money on those and without good sales of the physical books, there is no reason to continue publishing any. Think about it.

  2. If the library pays for the ebooks they should be able to get as many as they want. The library gets a very reduced rate on regular books, so perhaps it’s very low on ebooks as well, but I agree that the potential sales from readers discovering new authors is a bet Macmillan should bank on. Librarians have always been huge supporters of authors, so that relationship should be nourished not reduced.

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