Monday Moment

Violin Along the Walk 7.2020 by Tommia Wright

It pays to take a stroll.

During my 5k walk in Saturday, I chose a few different side streets. This was a fun sign for a music shop I didn’t know existed. It was also a nice little reminder to eventually tune up the violin I purchased some time ago in the hopes of learning to play it someday.

How about you? What instruments do you play or have recently picked up?

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4 Responses to Monday Moment

  1. Nice! I didn’t know you aspired to the violin. I tried strings at one point, but I’ve done better with wind…clay flute, flute and clarinet. Can also play piano if I have lots of time to learn a written piece. Learned to read music when I was 5 – Thanks, Mom & Dad!

    • TommiaW says:

      I can play clay flute, recorder, piano, harpsichord, and kalimba. The violin purchase was on a whim while researching for a NaNo project. I bought it at the Festival Day at Mount Si, the year FVP debuted there!

  2. Mari Collier says:

    Cool, good luck with the violin. No way could I have picked up my piano. I no longer have it and have not played in years.

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