Saturday Snapshot

Mount Si from Snoqualmie Point Park: October 2012 vs September 2020 by Tommia Wright

Somewhere in that


Overbearing cloud,

Killing the clarity,

Even a mountain can vanish

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3 Responses to Saturday Snapshot

  1. Mari Collier says:

    Be careful. That much smoke isn’t good for anyone. Tweeted.

  2. TommiaW says:

    Thank you. All the windows are closed (and have been a while now) and the cats are stuck indoors with me. (smile)
    Please stay safe in California!!

  3. Along with my brain… Trying to avoid smoke as much as possible, but it’s still making me sleepy and slow in the noggin too. Apparently the brief rain shower that was forecasted this morning didn’t happen, and we’re supposed to keep poor air quality through Thursday – though with some improvement in level at least.

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