Sunday Sippin’

Northwest Tea Festival 2019 by Tommia Wright

Thank you, Victoria, for introducing me to the Northwest Tea Festival!

After finishing my first Base2Space climb, I met my friend and her daughter at the final day of the event, and what a day it was.

To discover so many different teas, styles of teas, accessories, serving styles and more, this was going to be a yearly event!

The smaller, independent tea companies were my favorite as were the many sales. (Perhaps one ‘could’ stock up on too much tea? – No!) Who would be there this time? What new blends would be discovered? How many tins, bags and samples could fit in a backpack… (Time to buy another tote!)

The workshops and the many books and brochures could be quite informative. Nice to seep some history into a story in progress every now and then. (Every story I’ve written has a tea tangent.)

Alas, while this year, like so many other events, is virtual, it’s fun to celebrate together, apart.

What are your favorite discoveries and events to enjoy?

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