Monday Marketplace

Indigenous Peoples’ Day/Inspiring Natives – by Tommia Wright

We are still here.

We have been here since Time Immemorial.

We are the dreamers, the weavers,

We are the storykeepers.

We remember the past and

We plant the seeds of the future.

We will take our place at the table.

We fight for what’s right.

We help fight the wrongs.

We continue our ways in all manner of songs.

We persevere. And yes –

We are still here.

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2 Responses to Monday Marketplace

  1. #tearyeyed #thankyou #lovethis I especially like the artwork with the astronaut and ancient art. Interestingly, I’m currently watching a youtube documentary from the ’70s showing astonishing ancient earth artifacts in relation to space and earth cultures. I’ve seen/heard/studied many of these connections, but this one contains several sites and connections I’ve never seen and that current shows, scientists and psuedo-scientists never talk about… interesting how cultures subvert prior cultures and sub-cultures. I honor the voice of indigenous peoples and will always amplify their wisdom when I have the opportunity. Thank you for this observation/celebration.

  2. Reblogged this on Reality With a Twist ~ Books and commented:
    Beautiful artworks…stories worth hearing…things forgotten and more contemporary than the daily news…

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