Tea Time Tuesday

Set for a Tea Party 3.2021 by Tommia Wright

Pretty little paintings and prints

Lined up to enjoy the shore and stars

And an amazing little tea pot –

Yes, it captures my faovrite mountain by far!

Taking time off for

Imagination, inspiration and

Maybe create new worlds small and large –

Every now and then, one needs to recharge.

Many, many, many thanks to:

Cathrin, for a Celestrial Calling,

Amy, for capturing Mount Si and the stars on a teapot! And

Noel, for the mini paintings –

Everything’s set for The Longest Night!

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3 Responses to Tea Time Tuesday

  1. Amazing teapot!! And the whole setup is lovely and inspiring. I think I’ll take the cue and set up a special conference space too. Was already planning to be in my writing room, but I hadn’t thought of gathering some especially inspiring and Norwescon-type things. Thanks for the idea!

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