Monday Morsel

Let’s continue the culinary journey shared last week, shall we?

The second and third ‘destinations’ of dining were a coffee house and the ocean.

The Coffee House entrée featured a braised pork cheek topped with coffee crumbs, a delightful duck fat fried donut, and mascarpone topped with rainier cherries. Who knew such a varied combination would brew pure delight?

For the ocean, nothing brings pure joy like fish and chips. This delicacy, however, was a deconstructed interpretation: tartar sauced mashed potatoes, topped with melt-in-your-mouth beer-battered halibut, finished with a refreshing bit of spring onions and greens.

Cleansing the palate for the next ‘destination’ was a scoop of lemon-flavored frozen Greek yogurt!

(I do selfishly hope some, if not all of these items will find a permanent home on one of the menus!)

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