Monday Morsel

What do you get when an amazing culinary team puts a modern twist on an 1800ʔ1900̓s railway menu? An evening ride to remember with good friends!

First course at the Snoqualmie Train Depot, barbeque chicken, vegetables, pickle and sauce.

Once on board, a crisp cool watermelon gelatin shot to cleanse the palate.

At the North Bend Train Depot, an earthy salad served with beer-battered fish, grilled lemon and tartar sauce.

Weather still cooperating, the next stop was the Northwest Railway Museum where the main course of steak and seasonal vegetable was served (herb-buttered dinner roll was the first to vanish from the shot).

Last destination of the ride, the Snoqualmie Falls, where a push-up pop container filled with cheesecake was served. (Alas, dear reader, the sweet treat was most certainly enjoyed before belatedly remembering the camera).

What memorable moments have you enjoyed on the train?

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2 Responses to Monday Morsel

  1. Mari Collier says:

    Nothing so delectable was offered when I lived there. All we enjoyed was spectacular scenery! Tweeted

  2. TommiaW says:

    It was a great community/business spotlight event. I hope they do this again. (smile)

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