Wednesday Words

Atop a desk: a postcard of Native American women, a black and gold covered journal that says "A well-read woman is a dangerous creature." A kraken postcard with Seattle on the bottom. A small hummingbird pin. A framed black and white photo of a deer looking at you. A pencil drawing of Yoda. The book, Heart Berries by Therese Marie Mailhot. To the right of all that: a couple of bags of loose leaf tea, a small beige cup with a Coast Salish pattern on it, a small tea press filled with tea, and a box of tissues.
November’s CommuniTea Book Club Combo by Tommia Wright

Friday Afternoon Tea’s CommuniTea Book Club Choice for November: Terese Marie Mailhot’s Heart Berries, two splendid bags of tea, a pouch of Navajo tea, and a hummingbird pin from Eighth Generation. One brewed cup ready to sip from the Connections patterned cup, also from Eighth Gen.

It’s the little things. (smile)

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