Monday Moments

On a desk:
A purple coffee mug by Johnnie Jae, with the following text on it:
"Be Unapologetically Indigenous.
Be Dauntless in the pursuit of the dream the old ones dreamed for us. Everything they tried to take from us, be everything we were born to be."

A hardbound cookbook: New Native Kitchen: Celebrating Modern Recipes of the American Indian by Chef Freddie Bitsoie and James O. Fraioli.

A journal from Eighth Generation, designed by Michelle Lowden, called "Balance." 'Influenced by Acoma pottery, which traditionally reflects patterns and designs found in nature, and represents the balance we all strive for. This beautiful design also embodies the aspiration we have to be more intentional with choices in our lives.'

Above the journal, a business card that reads "Snoqualmie Indian Ancestral Lands Movement," a little garden in a bottle, a rocket man sticker 'holding' a Jasper rock. Beside that, a  round candy dish with an intergalactic patter painted on it.
Simple Evening by Tommia Wright

It’s the little things!

Listening to a talk by Johnnie Jae, plotting a creative menu with recipes from the New Native Kitchen cookbook, and enjoying a cup of Sweetest Dreams from Friday Tea!

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