Monday Moments

A blue coffee cup on a coaster. On it, an  open book in white, with the number "50" in the center of it and confetti falling over both. Small text in blue on light blue: "Celebrating 50 Years." In white, beneath that, "King County Library System."

Beside that, a brown faux level 6 bty8 portfolio with two stickers and a blue pen on it. First sticker is shaped like Washington State, with Mount Tahoma in the middle. Various shades of blue. Lower corner, a square sticker of Storm's art called "Ocean."

To the right of that, a red ceramic plate with a halved blueberry muffin on it. By that, a small tea press filled with tea
Sweet & Simple Splendid Moment by Tommia Wright

“Simplicity makes me happy.” ~ Alicia Keys

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