Simple Moments

The Seattle Space Needle with the top vanishing into the fog. A cluster of tree branches below.
Seattle Space Needle in the Fog 3.6.22 by Tommia Wright

While it was great to walk a new, flatter route for yesterday’s 5k, it was sad to see so many boarded-up buildings on 4th Avenue. It was sad to see further evidence of a favorite city lost.

Forty years ago, my parents trusted me to ride the bus to downtown, solo (when we had a proper park-and-ride in my part of the valley and frequent bus service). I’d go in every Saturday for an appointment, walk to Woolworth’s for an order of hashed browns and a cup of cocoa, then catch the bus back home. No worries, few threats – a simple routine for a twelve-year-old.

Now, I need a compelling reason to go to the city (5k walks like Refuse to Abuse, Dawg Dash, and the Hot Chocolate Run primarily; supporting an awesome culinary team, definitely). Walks past, I’d aim for a new record, then stroll/explore, aiming for the waterfront first, Pike Place market certainly, and then wherever my feet/heart took me.

Last three walks, now that we’re back to gatherings – go for the walk, get the heck out of Dodge. It’s sad.

I love Seattle. I love the Symphony, the Aquarium, SAM, Burke, Seattle Center, browsing galleries in Pioneer Square, and baseball – definitely baseball. However, between the pandemic, the crowds, the crime – I’ll enjoy all of these from home, and somehow, it just isn’t the same.

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