Thursday Things

The Seattle Space Needle seen from the ground, looking up, clear blue sky behind it.
Seattle Space Needle by Tommia Wright

From reading “The Wheedle on the Needle” to a climb or two within, Happy 60 Years, Seattle Space Needle!!

The KOMO News Station (closest building) and the Downtown City Skyline as seen from inside the Seattle Space Needle stairway.
Looking Out Towards Downtown by Tommia Wright
Puget Sound, Seattle Downtown buildings, the football and baseball stadiums, and the loading docks seen in the distance from inside the stairwell of the Space Needle.
Looking Out from the Inside, Too by Tommia Wright
Looking straight down the middle of the Seattle Space Needle. A collection of pipes and wires seen with the framing of a triangular shape of metal stairs. Glimpses of hands on stair rails and tennis shoes on stairs as people climb to the top.
In the Middle of the Needle by Tommia Wright
The Seattle Space Needle as seen by the Chihuly Exhibit on a cloudy day.
Seattle Space Needle on a Cloudy Day by Tommia Wright
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