Snow Cake

Nothing says ‘comfort’ like not having to drive to work Snow Cake by Tommia Wrighton a very snowy day. The birds preferred the shelter beneath the table. I found it enjoyable to shoot the scene above it. Granted, what was there this morning grew by nightfall.

After all practical errands were done for the day (having given up on the slipping and sliding in slippers a whole six feet from the door), I decided to indulge on an enjoyable film: Snow Cake, with Alan Rickman, Sigourney Weaver, and Carrie-Anne Moss. Three lives that intertwine in ways unimaginable, discoveries made, hope renewed – all following a tragic death.

It isn’t a surprise that Rickman and Weaver are capable of comedy (watch Galaxy Quest ). The chemistry they have as a couple brought together by unfortunate circumstances is real – the happiness and heartache shared convincing.

I could ramble on and risk spoiling either movie. Or I could prepare another bowl of popcorn and check out “Snow Falling on Cedars” next.

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  1. I saw Snow Cake about a year ago and have looked for it to purchase it whenever I’m near dvd’s but it’s kind of rare. I guess I need to do the online shop thing and get it done. I’d love to see it again. One of my favorites I’ve seen.

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