Never take Power for granted….

Tree Down by Tommia WrightIt takes something like an ice storm or heavy snow fall to lead one to focus on what to be thankful for.

Having a wood stove and fuel to feed it is something not to be taken for granted as routines are defined by Nature’s clock, not mankind’s. When daylight exists, tasks are easier to complete. When night falls, sleep is the logical chioce.

Never take a warm shower for granted, either. Then again, if I had to choose between being without power or being without water, I could do well without power. Water is far more vital.

Support of neighbors and a chance to keep company with those around as best as able – crucial, considerate, common sense. To see who needs help in uncovering a car or trying to make some sort of path from house to road – that’s when it’s great to see the strength of community, in helping others in need.

For those coming out of the dark, may warmth quickly follow!

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