Wobbly Wednesday

Hum-still by Tommia Wright

Going to the Google homepage today led to a fun discovery: Robert Moog’s 78th birthday remembered with an interactive synthesizer. A link to a Christian Science Monitor article led to clips and ‘notes’ on how to play some of the popular songs of the 70’s and 80’s.

What does this have to do with today’s photo choice? Not much except that a lesson was learned in trying to capture something always moving.

Hum-blur by Tommia Wright


Trying to get a snapshot of my breakfast companion proved…blurry at best, very ill-timed at worst. Might have to try a different means of framing this shot.

In regards to the Interactive-Moog Google logo, the notes sounded just as off-kilter. Adjust a knob or two the wrong way and oy vey.

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4 Responses to Wobbly Wednesday

  1. The one picture turned out decent. Much better than most of us mortals can do. Hummers are so uncooperative.

  2. Impressive to get one of those little buggers in frame at all. Unless you have a tripod with a telescopic DSLR, it’s next to impossible to get ’em in focus. Great job and certainly enjoyable.
    Yeah, the MOOG was fun but very difficult to control with digital knobs. 🙂

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