Sweet Serenity of Sushi

Layers of Green by Tommia Wright

What does the photo have to do with sushi? Nothing – directly. Yet if you think about it, the way the individual layers create a unique whole is something fun to discover and enjoy (as well as indulge).

The presentation of the ingredients, rolled together, inviting to the eyes, tempting to the taste buds. The delicate balance of the roe (fish eggs) or petals on top conceal the main feature of the roll in question. The wrapping of the rice (with or without the dark green of seaweed, with or without the crunchy texture of tempura) when combined with what is inside and atop is to be taken in one bite. The mingling of flavors, textures and scents are mini-symphonies for the soul. The popping of roe at the tip of the tongue, the crunch of the lightly fried batter… Finding the proper words to describe it escape me.

Then there are the desserts, presented in appearance of the preceding meal – cakes colored and cut the way a roll would, a strawberry slice mimicking the roe, a few edible petals in place of the herbs. Or the subtle combination that makes a coconut custard, topped with finely diced fruits, such a kiwi or mango. Endings to a perfect meal small enough to enjoy at a lingering pace, again, a coda of flavors of delight.

My hat’s off to those behind the scenes who can create a culinary masterpiece with patience, passion and share it in a personable manner.

Ever have a meal that moved you so? When have you pondered all that went into creating the repast last enjoyed? What foods and meals do you lose yourself in creating, in sharing?

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2 Responses to Sweet Serenity of Sushi

  1. You made me hungry. I do miss the seafood of Washington. No, I’ve never wondered about the work of the cook or baker. I know what they go through.

    • tommiaw says:

      I’ll admit, having a chance to talk to those behind the scenes definitely adds a new layer of appreciation for what’s presented. Also a subtle reminder of never taking anything for granted.

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