Hopping into Hippo Hardware

Light Row by Tommia Wright

A.K.A. the Saturday Snapshot.

Wandering around Hippo Hardware was a fun exploration. Located in Portland, the family-feel establishment has friendly staff, and a wealth of things to browse through. Three stories of practical items from decades back and relatively newer, it reminded me of two stores I had enjoyed as a child.

The “Browse and Barter” was a similar shop in the Cascade Foothills where one could go through dresser drawers to find an assortment of buttons, cards, keys and other small things. And just as the name implied, one could barter for what was within.

The other store I remembered closed its doors not long ago. A second-hand store with two stories to explore. The upper level was the best because that was where the books were. That and one could see the lawn furniture and equipment for sale in the yard nearby.

With a ‘throw-away’ mentality, in good times and bad, what have we readily thrown away that may have been better off kept? What things have we tossed – accidentally, purposefully – that we regret? What things should definitely find their way to such a thrift shop for someone else to use?

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2 Responses to Hopping into Hippo Hardware

  1. Love stores like that. There was (I hope it still exists) a museum/store like that in Lynden (or Lydon), Washington. The upper floor and basement were strictly museum, but the street level had all sorts of merchandise for sale. It was really a fun place to visit. Lanny and I spent all day there. Thanks for reminding me of a pleasant experience.

    • tommiaw says:

      Thank you for the recommendation! I’ll have to plan a trip to Lynden to indulge in the Pioneer Museum. Always looking for different destinations for potential weekend escapes. As for Hippo Hardware, I succeeded in making ‘three-key finds’ to splurge on.

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