By George…

a-to-z-letters-gosh, by golly, by gee, by George, by green…

Torn between the Daily Prompt: For many of us, winter is blooming into spring, or fall hardening into winter. Which season do you most look forward to?

and the regular rambling (George Eliot, George Burns and George Gershwin).

First things first – Fall and Spring are my favorites – the blanket of colors to enjoy on a walk:

Fall's Carpet by Tommia Wright

Fall’s Carpet by Tommia Wright

or the emerging colors of spring surrounded by the greenery:

Flowers at the Falls 2 by Tommia Wright

Flowers at the Falls 2 by Tommia Wright

Then again, could go with the following quote by George Eliot:

“If youth is the season of hope, it is often so only in the sense that our elders are hopeful about us; for no age is so apt as youth to think its emotions, partings, and resolves are the last of their kind.”

Or this poem from


by D. H. Lawrence

The dawn was apple-green,	
The sky was green wine held up in the sun,	
The moon was a golden petal between.	

She opened her eyes, and green	
They shone, clear like flowers undone
For the first time, now for the first time seen.

What is your favorite season?



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9 Responses to By George…

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  2. Sisyphus47 says:

    Superb! Haven’t managed this trick yet! Lovely pics too 😉

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  5. Lovely photos, and I especially like the quote by Eliot…so true, and the poem by Lawrence is fab.

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