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Wednesday Waters

Cascading over and Under the Ragged Rocks, Etching New Textures Slowly

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Tuesday is Texas

The Dallas Public Library was one of the most enlightening escapes to be had during a business trip. Where else can you find a copy of the Declaration of Independence, Shakespeare’s portfolios and a floor dedicated to nothing but music? … Continue reading

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Sunday Scene

Create, if you can Lively items Out of Unbound materials Dissolving, evolving Slowly beyond your reach.

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Any other time, it would go un- Noticed since it’s been there for all of time. Dominating the valley with its majestic height. However, this season, it’s Outstanding, dressed in white, against a sharp blue Waiting for its silhouette to … Continue reading

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Saturday Snapshot

Simplicity in the plainest of things Uncovering things taken for granted New revelations nearby Stop, look and listen Everything adds a note to Todays, tomorrows, and yesterdays gone by.

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Sunday Snapshot

Soft waves crashing Against the shores ‘Nother day over Festivities Rest Anything Nothing

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Monday Moment

Let the rains come as the leaves turn brown As summer goes, and a new curve is down Not only in bumbershoots, but the every present frown Days get colder, snow threatens the ground. Let the petals catch the drops … Continue reading

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Friday Fast One

White flowers, red base Beautiful things tucked all over the place. When was the last time you stood still And saw the items on the windowsill? White flowers, red base Busy being busy, a nonstop pace. When was the last … Continue reading

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Saturday Spinning

Like the leaves twirling ’round Until they eventually reach the ground The mosaic seen when all’s serene Where one assumes clutter, this mind sees clearly The blessings, treasures and things held most dearly.

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Saturday Spinning

Spinning Day two, fresh and anew. Stories unfold as leaves of gold descent to the ground (Unless you’re on the other side of the equator, Where seasons are turned around.) The winds pick up speed While writers refill coffee cups … Continue reading

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