Vacation of the Mind

a-to-z-letters-vToday’s Daily Prompt asks, “Tell us about a book you can read again and again without getting bored — what is it that speaks to you?

So, what is my favorite vacation of the mind? I’ve shared powerful reads that have influenced me, along with short reads and other things.

Which book have I come close to wearing the cover thin? My NIV version of “The Student Bible.” When I bought it, having misplaced the pocketbook of psalms and new testament from somewhere at some time, it was with the intent of keeping this paperback in my book bag to read in between studies, to write in, highlight and dog-ear the pages as I wish. (Yes, this was a major step in and of itself as these are ‘three deadlies’ I seldom do to books – unless it’s for studying.). Now I keep it by my reading chair, renewing a habit of ‘one last good read’ before sleep. Psalm 23 is my favorite.

Granted, I tend to reach for the KJV of the good book, a gift given to me by my parents upon baptism. It is a continuation of a tradition from my father’s family, a reminder of childhood – not childish – times of putting things in proper prospective. More importantly, it allows me to step away from what I let annoy me in the day-to-day and focus on why we are here.

Here is a link to a shorter daily read, if you are interested, or the source where I have borrowed for verse posting in the blog – The Bible Gateway.

What is it about the Bible that speaks to me? God’s grace and unfailing love as I read the stories of Job, Ruth, David, Mary and others whose lives were touched, whose talents were used to proclaim his love. Of the sixty-six books within, it’s the balance of Law (failed daily) and Gospel (forgiven, dearly) that remind and guide me that time here is temporary, that life here will be replaced with time eternal.

Of all the books I have and could access, this is the most treasured one to me.

What books have been read and read again, never to dull the mind in enjoyment?

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8 Responses to Vacation of the Mind

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  3. snosler says:

    How very cool that you have the copy your parents gave you!

  4. Laura Eno says:

    I can read Anne MacCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern series over and over. 🙂

  5. Leese says:

    So neat that you still have that precious old Bible – and that it’s what you have at the top of your ‘can read again and again’ list!

    The earliest one I have is the one I got “graduating” from (elementary) Sunday School and starting youth group in 6th grade from a dear family friend who was a precious man of God I’ll sometime blog about, who’s left a widow and four young kids after battling ALS for years. Obviously back then none of us would have imagined the road God had him on, but I’m so grateful for that Bible and the words and verses he wrote in the dedication inside it.

    Non-Bible wise, I love and can always reread “A Praying Life” (which I’ve blogged about) and “A Sacred Romance” (about God’s love and pursuit of us) and, more recently, which I’ve read repeatedly, “Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing.”

    • tommiaw says:

      Isn’t it amazing the people God puts in our path? As for rereading parts of the Bible, it’s wonderful to discover something new yet reassuring there.
      I’ll have to check out the three mentioned books (once I’ve paid this silly overdue fine -again) (smile).

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