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Thursday Things

Maybe I should stop Or finish the Remaining new arrivals, or open the E-book collection someday. Nope. Off to the Beautiful recommendations Often found On what I shouldn’t be reading – Kind Twitterverse folks Sharing their latest creations!

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Too-Fun Tuesday

Yes, e-readers/e-books make stories Accessible anywhere, anytime. Yet, there’s something fun in holding the book!

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Splendid Sunday

Bounded pages Offering Outstanding escapes, Kindly let me read in Silence

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Thursday Thankfulness

I’ve been blessed to be part of a family who treasures the power of books. My father’s parents allowed for shelves to be built to fit the growing collection of adventures and mysteries. (Joy was finding the secret room my … Continue reading

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Wednesday Writers

If you have already read Mari Collier‘s Earthbound and Gather the Children, the first two books in the Chronicles of the Maca, then it is time for you to add book three – Before We Leave. Before We Leave is the saga … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Words – Part 2

Because sleep is too logical and these two new books are too great not to share: Victoria Bastedo’s Roots Entwine is a fantastical young adult adventure about Joaquin’s journey. Deborah DuBois’ book, Long Before Time is worth the time to read! (the … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Words

    The writers that make up FreeValley Publishing have been busy! In addition to the previous collection of published works available on the local festival tour (next stop, the Snoqualmie Block Party, September 20th!) Here’s a quick spotlight on a … Continue reading

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Books, More Books

Bound The last thing I need would be more books. As if that would stop me (stop with the looks). Went to the Con this weekend, bought only ‘a few’ Well, more than the so-called limit of ‘only two.’ I … Continue reading

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Too Much…

Thanks go to Robin Coyle for her post this last weekend. I read it yet shook my head in disbelief thinking, no – a public library couldn’t possibly be reduced to that! Then I read this article: Bookless Library. Really? What’s … Continue reading

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Tuesday Temptation

Today’s Daily Prompt asks, “Tell us about the favorite dish or food that you simply cannot turn down.” Imagine that slice of cake on the left topped with crushed pineapples. Yes, if there’s a chance to indulge in upside-down pineapple … Continue reading

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