Book-Talk Monday: Let’s Talk Audiobooks

Always fun to find a fellow audiophile’s take on the talking book!

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2 Responses to Book-Talk Monday: Let’s Talk Audiobooks

  1. 1WriteWay says:

    I love audio books and also have a membership at Audible. My favorite narrator is Ralph Cosham. I’ve listened to him narrate every one of Louise Penny’s books. His facility with accents and dialects is wonderful. I prefer long mysteries, a plot that can keep me riveted. I have found that some great novels (such as An American Tragedy) don’t work as well for me in audio form. I also have an impossible time listening to lectures. My mind always drifts away. I listen on my iPod and prefer to listen while I’m walking or on a long drive or knitting. Overall, I love audiobooks. They enable me to keep up with my books. When you have a great narrator, there’s nothing more wonderful than having someone read to you 🙂

  2. tommiaw says:

    I’ll have to look at Audible. As it stands now, I still enjoy browsing through used bookstores and thrift shops and finding fun recordings. Granted, I try to remember my list of preferred readers or targeted titles. Agreed – the narrator is key. I think there have only been…three audiobooks I ended after the first few minutes.

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