Two for Tuesday

Writing by Tommia Wright

Writing by Tommia Wright

Quick response to today’s Daily Prompt: Who is the one person you hope isn’t reading your blog? Why?

Easy- my parents. It’s already too much fun (yes, tongue in cheek) explaining the stories in print – the few I have and the lack of anything new. Then there’s dodging the queries as to why I duck out of certain social events, why I almost always have my camera, etc. That and my parents prefer things to be on the factual side of life. If they knew how many tiny things I’ve woven into my characters in the various snippets, etc., I’d be violating the one never ending birthday gift my brother and I agreed upon: never make the other one an only child. (smile)

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As for the other (belated) Daily Prompt response, this time to: Are as comfortable in front of a camera as behind one? Being written about, as well as writing?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us DISCOMFORT

Obviously the shooter’s side of the camera (as this blog illustrates). However, I have been ‘shot’ at least three times; twice, photos have ended up on someone else’s Facebook page (gave permission, don’t know why).

If you squint, photographer/blogger is below! (smile)

FishWall - by Tommia Wright

FishWall – by Tommia Wright

Then I happened upon a Dove video, a followup to another campaign they had.

So, before I come to my senses, this fool’s update:


As for writing, I prefer power of the pen – something my boss knew as he took to revising a piece written about me. Evidently, different newsletters have different tones and my ‘Detective Joe Friday/just the facts’ approach to my piece was ‘too dry.’ So, my boss revised; it’s published; even gave permission for it to be on Facebook (don’t know what I was thinking there, either)

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9 Responses to Two for Tuesday

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  5. Mari Collier says:

    My parents would never have used a computer, but then they were home long before the computer became such a ubiquitous household item. I like to believe they would have cheered me on, just as I believe your parents do you.

    • tommiaw says:

      I guess my hesitation comes in the fact that blogs – well, the internet in general – would take a great deal of time to explain. Having a platform is one thing; having many different kinds for different purposes… I’m blessed that my folks still encourage me.

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