Monday Moment

Kit Kat Breaktime by Tommia Wright

Kit Kat Breaktime by Tommia Wright

Today is “National Work-Like-a-Dog Day.” Really? If I were to do that -using my canines as an example – I’d be in a similar repose state as Kit and Kat here. (The only reason the dogs aren’t shot shown is because they seem to have a sixth sense about such things – running/hiding when it comes to shots, shavings, scoldings, etc.)

There is something to be said for a work-life balance. The other day, I overheard someone say they were making an appointment to play. I had to think about that, given the juxtaposition of the phrase. It almost tied with an oft-used expression I had during Russian studies – “I’ll work at playing more.” This expression led to a больное плечо ( bol’noye plecho) from Nadia. Yes, sore shoulders from repeated punches made for a sudden drop of the slip of the tongue, but I digress.

There was an interesting article in the USA Today about countries with the most vacation days. How to interpret the numbers is up to the reader. But it begs the question – are we a majority that prefers to ‘work like a dog,’ (versus workaholics who may or may not work hard, depending on the person) or do we value our freedom to step back once in a while and be grateful for what we have?

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1 Response to Monday Moment

  1. Mari Collier says:

    Dogs will work like crazy, but then they rest. They probably keep a balance much better than humans. If we have work we enjoy, we don’t consider it “work.” Many forget to rest properly after physical exertion or long hours.

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