Toe-Tapping Tuesday

Torn Exposure by Tommia Wright

Torn Exposure by Tommia Wright

It’s toe-tapping Tuesday. Well, actually, it’s ‘Wiggle Your Toes Day,’ so I guess that could count, too.

It’s official. I’ve gone and done it. While I had hoped to wait for the first day of the festival to make the confession, certain timelines (and timekeepers) informed me I have to should do otherwise….

I published a book.

The earlier ramblings of water-themed books that became a sketchbook have gone and become a book. (How is that for an odd cycle of water?)


The Sketchbook 2012 Project (Forgotten Water Falls) is emerging as a collection of poems and photos just in time for the debut of (drum roll, please….)

FreeValley Publishing by SJK

FreeValley Publishing by SJK

FreeValley Publishing!

That’s right, members of the now 5-year-old SnoValley Writes! group came together with a mission and a plan (madness and panache didn’t hurt, either). Check it out and discover the upcoming works of fantasy,sci-fi, romance, adventure, young adult and children’s authors!

For anyone in the North Bend area this Friday, Saturday or Sunday, find the outdoor booth and meet some of the authors! Enjoy book readings, sneak previews and more!

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2 Responses to Toe-Tapping Tuesday

  1. Mari Collier says:

    Congratulations! Is it available anywhere else? Or can it be purchased from the publisher. Hugs!

    • tommiaw says:

      Thanks. If I figured this whole Amazon/Create Space thing correctly (will be conversing with the ‘experts’ – aka other members of the FVP/SVW group – to see if I completed all the steps) the book should be ‘live’ this Friday. (smile)

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