Monday Momentary Madness

See Food in San Fran

See Food in San Fran

Today’s NaBloPoMo prompt asks, Tell us about the last thing a person or advertisement convinced you to buy.

I don’t watch much television and the news/classical music stations I listen to have very few commercials.

During our NaNoWriMo fun, we tend to gather in coffee shops and different restaurants around the Valley. Last night’s end-point for the ‘7-Day Sprint’ (in 5 venues, 3 meals, 1 fulfilling day), was the Thai Duvall restaurant. One friend spoke highly of the soups. (I enjoyed the spiciest one). Another friend spoke of the fun to try sticky rice and mango. (We splurged).

It was a fun way to enjoy a day of writing.

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2 Responses to Monday Momentary Madness

  1. Mari Collier says:

    I do hope the writing was done after indulging like that. It wasn’t so much the advertising that convinced me to buy, it was the fact that I needed a new range and this one was on sale. Otherwise I would have ignored it like I’ve ignored the others.

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