I Was Here

Image courtesy of SFGate.com

Image courtesy of SFGate.com

“I was here.” These are the words the Dutch Librarian finds written on a wall in some faraway room. He’s convinced that it was by the hand of the one he’s looking for.

Reading Denise’s entry, “We Leave Our Mark…,” I couldn’t help but wonder – why do we feel the need to leave our mark? Can we really go dancing through life without leaving an impression of any kind?

What if you’re an introvert? If so, find comfort and company with other introverts, thanks to 61 Musings. Some of us who leave our mark prefer to do so in a quiet fashion.

What if you’re an extrovert? You have a fabulous time in mixed company. (Well, it looks like you do; I’m most likely content in the corner of the loft, under the comforter and binge read.)

Writers leave their marks, line by line, word by word. Artists paint their perceptions of the world. Musicians add their notes.



Ever get an inkling that sitting still is wrong?

Ever get a tickling of some silly song?

Ever get a tingle down the middle of your spine?

Ever get a tang of guilt as you draw the line?

Either way – up or down

Each word written brings smiles, brings frowns

Entered in the reader’s eye

Embroiled in the heart’s own time

Etched into the soul

Each person’s bit of gold.


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6 Responses to I Was Here

  1. Mari Collier says:

    Lovely poem. Lanny was the introvert. He would leave his name on the part of the wall his fine woodworking would cover. I’m the extrovert and yes, I generally have a great time when there are lots of people around. I’ll Tweet.

  2. Interesting how your ‘I’ poem centered on ‘E’s for the first lines. This would be a fine example of its form for our upcoming presentation. Would you like to add this to your selections for reading?

  3. DenisesRamblings says:

    I updated my “We leave our mark…” with an afterthought. 😉 Check it out when you have a moment. It’s at the bottom of the original post. Thank you for telling me about your blog. It has been wonderful exploring my ownself with my blog and getting to know you more! 😉 (smile)

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