Just Saying

JOne of the shortest plays I ever wrote doesn’t have much to play with at all. If anything, it was a silly short piece that mimicked the conversations my brother and I had whenever we were catching up. It was simple, basic, and said a lot with a little. In short, it drove our parents nuts.


Just Saying

Scene: Two armchairs, card table in between, with chips, cards and cola, TV volume low, the only illumination in an otherwise dark room.


Me: Nothing.

Him: Same.

Me: Fishin’?

Him: Plenty.


Him: Risks?

Me: Some.

Him: Pain?

Me: Nah.

Him: Good.


Me: Hey?

Him: Yeah.

Me: Really?

Him: Really.

Me: Sorry.

Him: Eh.

(Pause, flipping through channels to find something we know we’ve watched because what we haven’t seen just doesn’t make sense. Plans are made with just three words over a game of cards.)

Him: Morning?

Me: Sure.

Him: Cool.

What can I say? We knew how to catch up on ten months in twenty words or less. We’re closer now and our chats have doubled (maybe).

My best friend, T-, and I could quote one line or one word from a film and know exactly why it was chosen, how perfectly it fit and what to expect next. It irritated another friend of ours to no end, even after we tried to coax her into our code.

What about you? Do you have a shorthand with someone close? Certain words carry different meanings? Jokes that get more of a laugh or smile?

Just saying…


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1 Response to Just Saying

  1. Closest thing I can think of is when my husband and I talk on the phone and we will be coming home eventually, we always say, “See you in a minute.” This could signify at the end of a 12 hour day or maybe even a weekend away. It implies a closeness that carries much but doesn’t need long explanations.

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