lego looking at lego

What is your outlook on life?

Outside looking in or inside looking out?

Near the action or from afar?

Dreams or destinies reaching the stars?

Ever stand back and see the whole picture or

Ruminate on the tiniest feature?


What is your outlook on life?

Half-empty, half-full?

Your place in life of push or pull?


What is your outlook on life?

Outstanding, standing still

Never dull or full of strife?

Dare to speak out or rather stay in?

Energetic eyes bright with a grin?

Release or gather – which would you rather?


Half-empty, half-full

Observations tell of the soul.

What our interpretations are.


What is your outlook on life?

Observing wonders

Natural and otherwise

Dells, mountains, oceans, sea

Earth’s full of amazing beauty.

Rhythmic in its own way

Filling the moments of the day.

Understanding, whether knowing why

Life is meant to be lived; give it a try.

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2 Responses to Outlook

  1. Mari Collier says:

    Love the Lego display! Tommia, I’m one who looks forward. everyone should look at the big and the smallest. In the desert we have “belly flowers.” You have to be down on your belly to see the lovely miniature wonder. Nice poem. I Tweeted.

    • tommiaw says:

      “Belly flowers” would be fun to see! As for the Lego display, this year’s ECCC had a wonderful display. This was my favorite – of Lego people looking at Lego displays.
      Thank you for the tweet.

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