Zoning Out







Zoning Out: Another One Done

April 30th? What do you mean?!

No! The speed of this year is just obscene!

Oh well, just finished Camp NaNo (barely crossed the line)

The A-to-Z challenge went just fine.

Had the Art House Co-Op Project, done, too.

(Eventually, will get things postmarked before they are due).

Really, this fourth month is through?


Oh, good grief, now what can I do?

NaBloPoMo, come what, May?

Even try to write a story, every single day?


Do I dare press my limits so?

Or should I work on that ‘long word’ of “no?”

Nah, I’ll continue with poems in some way.

Everything’s tempting, every day’s a chance to play!


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2 Responses to Zoning Out

  1. Shards Of DuBois says:

    I’ve decided you are one of those people who always say, “I will sleep when I’m dead!” 🙂

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