Waylaid Wednesday


Nope, the title’s right, even if the day is gone. Nourishing the creative side included designing a print to go with the theme: “Let this be a sign.”

There could be 1200 words to go with this, but I’m lucky for these few. The challenge from the Sketchbook Project: create 12 prints and receive 10 in exchange. The above shots are ‘ghost prints’ or the remains of the ink. More details will follow, along with a gallery.

What did you do to nourish your mind today?

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4 Responses to Waylaid Wednesday

  1. you did an awesome job with the challenge! your work is lovely and deep. i followed you on pinterest to see more!

  2. Mari Collier says:

    You are talented. Yes, I Tweeted. Writing and trying to figure out how to use some of the stuff on my new Word. That’s driving me a tad daffy.

  3. tommiaw says:

    I was/am blessed to have a great teacher! (smile)

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