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Sketches, doodles and any other silly fun form of play.


Lost discoveries made, Lingering in the bright And the shade, Personalities emerge.

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Make Mine Music Monday

Jovial Awestruck Wondrous Sounds!

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Saturday Snapshot

  Dare dream to reach dangerous goals Outside the seemingly acceptable norms? Undertaking some records set Books don’t come out of thin air, at Least not yet! Every word down means the Final count goes up Uncensored, unchanged until November’s … Continue reading

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Another Splendid Sunday

  Another gorgeous day to climb the 832 stairs of the Space Needle! More than 2,000 people took on the challenge to help fund the finding of a cure – one step at a time. Met some amazing people there: … Continue reading

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Wednesday Words

  * A cautionary poem about the hazards of finding too many word games that eat away the time, never mind exercising the mind. Dear, oh dear Evening time is near and Every game I play Means ‘Remember, there’s another … Continue reading

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Any other time, it would go un- Noticed since it’s been there for all of time. Dominating the valley with its majestic height. However, this season, it’s Outstanding, dressed in white, against a sharp blue Waiting for its silhouette to … Continue reading

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Monday Meaning

This month’s entries will be based on Merriam Webster’s Word of the Day. Today’s is the antonym. Picturesque view with Radiant beams and Outstanding clarity while Mesmerizing and sane. Impressive, invincible Spectacular shadows Inviting adventure Natural escapes Grand all around

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