Friday Fast One – Five-Minute Folds

origami rose

You said you hated Summer because it was too hot.
What few days of sunshine we get aren’t really a lot.
You said you hated Fall because of the mess on the ground.
What you fail to see are the patterns all around.
You said you hated Winter because it was too cold.
What you won’t do is something so bold.
You said you hated Spring because it was too blah.
What you don’t see are new beginnings and…aaww.

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2 Responses to Friday Fast One – Five-Minute Folds

  1. Mari Collier says:

    You devised poetry about a real grump! I’ll admit I will complain about the cold when it drops below freezing, but that is why I’m in the desert. It doesn’t stay that low very long. Spring, summer, and fall are wonderful! That only makes me one-fourth of a grump. Yes, I Tweeted.

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