Too Much….


Another new topic/theme/target I’m trying this month is “Too Much…” Tuesdays; a mixture of new vices found, or observations/rantings to be shared at a minimum. (There’s too much negativity in the world; why add to it?)

I recently discovered “Doctor Who.” It’s all SnoValley Hobbit’s doing – she told me to watch “Blink,” telling me it was a safe introduction to the time traveling adventures. I’ve a confession to make: thanks to V-, I have a hard time seeing gargoyles the same way again. Ever. Kept looking for this Doctor Who and wondered if it was a ‘Where’s Waldo’ of sci-fi because I hardily saw the titular character until the end. I let a month pass before telling V I watched it.

Then I had to find the rest (once I was reassured that the rest of the eps weren’t quite as terrifying – but that’s for another rambling). Along the way, I’ve found a few books to read (courtesy of the library), a comic or two to buy (a bit more affordable), almost all of the soundtracks to listen to, and many, many an audiobook to borrow  – the Who collection now tied with the Louis L’amour list.

One of my favorite episodes of the new collection has to be “Gridlock.” The eloquent, evasive explanation of Gallifrey at the start and end of the episode hooked me further into this character, as well as the quiet support that was Martha Jones. (I decided to jump right at the start of series three, only to learn that it would do well to start at series one with some different Doctor/companion, but I digress).

The description of the planet Gallifrey was inviting, intriguing and immersed with a mixture of emotions from the Doctor, I had decided to create my own illustration. Doubt it compares well to the ‘actual’ visuals of the planet, but it’s a fun exercise. Now to a) find the Class Doctor Who eps, b) catch up on the Matt Smith/11 era and maybe, just maybe see if this 12th regeneration is of interest.

What series has captured your imagination?

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3 Responses to Too Much….

  1. winneyb says:

    My friend, V is sincerely sorry. I watched ‘Blink’ with a bunch of teenaged girls, all squealing (including myself and my other mom friend) so perhaps I had forgotten the full creepy effect with fun! Next time, watch it with me and we’ll drag along a few other teenaged girls!

  2. I’ve never seen Blink…guess that goes on the list of to watch!

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