Tuesday Tidbit


Horse and a Round

Who said I was running around
Going in circles to the increasing sounds
Of the organ’s tune and the flute’s fine thread
Pulling at children before they read
That age is numbers, nothing more
Pass a line, change the score
For if you are taller than a certain sign
The times of play are coming nigh

But to that nonsense I say ‘neigh!’
Grab hold, dear rider – time to play!
Hey Annie Oakley, Paul Revere!
I’m your Man o’War, your Secretariat,
Black Stallion, Seattle Slew here
Constant companion, and like Trigger, too.
Join the roundup of eager long faces
Ready to take you round and round
Towards whatever wonderful adventure
You are bound.

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1 Response to Tuesday Tidbit

  1. Mari Collier says:

    Loved this one just like I love the merry-go-rounds.

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