Thursday Theme

Make Mine Music by Tommia Wright

Make Mine Music by Tommia Wright

Maybe it’s because I’m re-visiting the new Doctor Who after watching all of the classics I could find (short of splurging via Amazon or eBay), but there’s something fun about themes, especially for shows that span decades.

They somehow remain the same. A comforting element carried throughout, no matter what changes have been made.

Star Trek has that same distinction, with minor hints carried over into the spin-offs (discounting Enterprise – lyrics? Really?) The movies respected the origins of the melody.

The Twilight Zone is at its best in its original form (granted, didn’t really watch the 1985 or 2002 versions; they’re still on the ‘debating’ list).

What themes take you to another world without fail?


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1 Response to Thursday Theme

  1. Mari Collier says:

    Like you, Star Trek and Twilight Zone. I would watch the mini-series the Awakening Land if they would ever run such a show again. Barring that, I’ll just have to re-read Richter’s trilogy.

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