Saturday Snapshot


On the Trail – August 2016

“To hell with circumstances: I create opportunities.” ~ Bruce Lee

A friend and I had a chance to go to the Wing Luke Museum to see the second year of the Bruce Lee Exhibit: Breaking Barriers before it closed. Looking forward to the opening of Year Three (the final piece).

It was amazing to discover just how many barriers Bruce broke, especially during his time in Seattle. Inter-racial marriage, teaching kung fu to women, gathering students from other forms of fighting and creating a sense of unity, to name a few.

And here we are, still breaking barriers. What breakthroughs have you been a part of or are prepared to start?

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1 Response to Saturday Snapshot

  1. Mari Collier says:

    I”m not famous like Bruce Lee, therefore, I do not know if anything I did ever broke a barrier. I am proud of the fact that the high school I attended in Phoenix before the ruling about integrating schools was integrated. There were Caucasians, Black, Mexicans, and Asians. Were we aware that we were breaking barriers? Most of us were not. We were just enjoying a great school. Tweeted. Oh, beautiful photograph.

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